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Virtual Diwali Night Party as Fun as a Real One for JSJC

Asawari Jindal

Source: https://temple-news.com/temple-students-adjust-diwali-celebrations-amid-pandemic/

“The Diwali Night was extremely connecting,” said Aditi Roy, a student of the 2019 batch of the Jindal School of Journalism and Communication. “In this challenging time, we were able to celebrate and enjoy with our friends. The Events Committee did a great job. Hats off to them,” she added.

The JSJC Diwali Night hosted by the JSJC Student Council on 12 November 2020, was a well-organized virtual celebration which evoked a feeling of togetherness amongst the student body. This event gave students a chance to dress up in their Indian attires after a long time, giving them an excuse to get out of their pyjamas, and embrace the festival of Diwali in quarantine.

44 overzealous students attended the event over Microsoft Teams and even though the event was off to a slow start, as people started sharing anecdotes about their household traditions, the atmosphere charged up as the night unravelled.

In the name of Diwali traditions, students who didn’t follow the dress code were forced to pay the price in the form of entertaining yet embarrassing dares given to them by

their peers. The first and only target was Tanisha Jain (BAMC ’18), who boldly accepted her dare and danced to an old Indian song with a chunni.

Apart from that, there were some “planned performances” in the line-up. Risheek Mukherjee (BAJC ’20) gave a heart-warming performace as he sang ‘Channa Mereya ’and ‘Abhi Mujh Mai Kahin'. This was followed by a soothing performance by Puneet (BAJC ’20) who sang ‘Ye Pal' by Prateek Kuhad and ‘Kuan Tha’ by Atif Aslam.

Halfway through the event, there was a spontaneous dog show where students introduced their pets to one another while the background was filled with a collective “Awww”. Students were thoroughly entertained by all the performances, as they the continued engaging in the activities planned for the night.

The students played a round of Tambola wherein the number caller dropped multiple hints and random facts ( for instance" This number is also a Queen song, number 39”) while announcing the numbers, thereby elevating the levels of anticipation amongst the audience. Everyone brought their A-game as they were competitive and eager to win “a shout out on the JSJC Instagram page” as suggested by the school’s Vice President, Satvika Mahajan.

The 26 participants enjoyed a hysterical yet heated game of Tambola. Eventually, the General Secretary, Kanira Dalal, won the game and was given the opportunity to give one of her coursemates a dare to spice things up. Seizing the opportunity, Dalal chose to nominate Shravani Singh (BAJC ’20), someone who is very particular about her social media image, and dared her to post an extremely embarrassing picture of herself.

During the latter half of thecelebration, students danced and jammed to the JGU Diwali Night playlist on Spotify, which was a compilation of all of the Bollywood hit songs. The Cultural Secretary of the school, Shardhool Shreenath, and the Events Committee were appreciated by all the attendees for organizing the event and helping students escape reality, in the midst of the pandemic, for three hours. Even though it was an online event, it felt as exhilarating as an actual party as the students shared a mutual feeling of comfort and warm fellowship.

Edited by Himanya Chadha and Sanchit Pradhan