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Photo walk at Qutub Minar

Ever wondered what happens in a photo walk? Join me as I share some tips for attending one and how to frame better shots.

Sakshi Jain

Are you also looking back at your travel photographs from last year? Well, you are not alone.

Last year I went on a photo-walk to Delhi heritage, Qutub Minar.

What is a Photo-walk?

A photo walk is seen as walking around and taking pictures, but it is much more than that. It can be compared to inviting your friends or your cousins to walk around a heritage site just like any other social event. My brother who shares a similar interest in photography accompanied me on the walk. We observed the place from different perspectives and took some photographs. However, there is no hard and fast rule in photography, your first shot would necessarily not be as amazing as your last shot. Photography is an art, and the key to learning any art is practice. Always take abundant pictures so that you can choose the best frame in terms of composition and work on them.

Things to remember before going on a Photo-walk

What I observed after this photo-walk was that there is no ‘best’ place for a photo-walk. What matters is how you train your eye to look for interesting frames and that would make for amazing photographs. It could be in your home or your backyard. If you know how to arrange your elements in a certain way to form a good photograph, you’re good to go. Try to look past the obvious image and seek interesting frames, those you have never seen before. Silhouettes, which is trendy nowadays, can be best formed in harsh daylight. Look for interesting colors, patterns, and light, keep experimenting while you take your pictures. It all depends on your perspective and eye to look for frames.

Another question many contemplate about photo-walks is your device. To which I say you do not need a high-end camera to shoot photographs. Some of the best pictures I took during my photo-walk were on my mobile phone. Having good equipment has its advantages but not having good equipment does not restrict you from going on a photo-walk. I cannot reiterate this enough.

Always charge your camera or mobile phones in advance before going for your photo walk. Keep your battery backups along just in case the battery drops. Carry lighter equipment while you are on a photo-walk as it can realistically range between 3-4 hours of walking, observing, and shooting. Overall, remember to always have fun and experiment with your subjects, happy shooting!

Edited by Ananya Jain and Aviva Baig