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Keeping Up with the Kardashians — the White House Edition

Mahima and Satvika

American rapper, producer, and designer Kanye West announced on July 4 — the US’s Independence Day — that he would be taking part in the presidential elections, scheduled for November this year.

A supporter of President Donald Trump — and also of Black Lives Matter — West, related to the Kardashian-Jenner family, has attracted the attention of both entertainment and political commentators.

While it seems unlikely that he is a serious candidate — some have said that he in in the fray to take Black votes away from Democratic candidate Joe Biden — this article speculates on what would happen if West made it to the White House.

What would an episode of the infamous reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, be like if it were shot in the US President’s official residence?

Revamp and reboot

Tensions are running high as POTUS Kanye West and FLOTUS Kim Kardashian West discuss their budget for redecorations.

Fox News had earlier revealed that President West’s spending on renovations will be the most of any US presidents in history. Let’s take a closer look at what’s going on in the White House.

President West is in the Oval Office with the first lady beside him. They have been joined by Axel Vorvoodt, who worked on their now infamous $60-million property in the Hidden Hills, Los Angeles.

Vorvoodt’s design can be tagged as simplistic and neutral. He describes his process as ‘distillation’: making the space pure.

The Wests wants to bring in the same energy into the presidential residence. The aim is to make the transition of the first family easier by maintaining the essence they worked so hard to create in the LA home: a futuristic Belgian monastery, as President West puts it himself.

Sources reveal that President West was in conversation with Vorvoodt even before the results of the election were out — he was that confident of victory.

“I told everyone I could beat Biden,” he said. “I knew it from the very beginning. The power of Jesus is with me!”

The hypothetical First Couple getting candid on our fake new favourite show.

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Making it his own

Kanye West is not shying away from making the White House his own — as each president before him. He wants the White House to be an art installation so that he and his design team can ideate.

Changes are already on their way. A replica of the limestone cocktail table from the Kardashian-West home in LA already occupies a place of pride in the Oval Office. The hallways have been redone in a swathed, off-white plaster. Instead of regular seating, we see wax chair sculptures from Isabelle Rower.

While discussions continue, Kim slips out of the room to answer a call from her mother, Kris Jenner. It’s hard to make sense of what they’re talking about since Kim is being so hush-hush.

We also see footage of Kourtney and Kendall back in LA at the Kendalls’ new home. As Kourtney reads a message, she received from her mother out to Kendall, there is a shocking revelation.

Kris Jenner is to be appointed as the new chief of staff for the White House!

What a spin-off show on E! Would look like if Kanye West became president.

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Momager to take charge

Later in the episode, Jenner confirms to the camera that she is indeed taking the job. They planned on revealing it when the first family came back to Calabasas for Kanye’s Sunday Service.

“We are so proud of what Kanye has achieved,” said Jenner. “It is honouring that he would trust me enough to let me be a part of all this.”

“Momager” Jenner has managed the careers of her daughters and is now going to manage the presidency. She told a friend recently, “This job is probably going to be easier than managing Kim’s career.”

According to our sources, the job had been offered to Jenner even before Kanye had announced his run for office, and the promise of this job has kept Jenner motivated throughout the campaign.

God had to be part of the conversation

Asked about West’s Sunday Service, Kim said, “He insists on conducting services at least once a month even though he is now the most important man in the country.”

West said he had never shied away from bringing religion into his art, so why should he stop now? The appointment of Pastor Michelle Tidball as Vice-President is testimony to this agenda.

“God has to be part of the conversation,” said West. “My term as POTUS is just another outlet for the manifestation of art. Why should I treat it any differently? America is going to be blessed because of me.”

With renovations coming to an end, the first family heads back to Calabasas to spend some much-needed time with family, but another issue arises.

Focus the Family

Even before their arrival into national politics, the Kardashians have always been at the centre of scandals and rumours. The arrival of the Kardashians at the White House means all family drama is at the centre of national news.

Lately, Khloe Kardashian’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend has been the focus. Kim and Kourtney talk about their sister’s scandal in the living room of the Kardashian-West California home.

During the pandemic, Khloe and baby-daddy Tristan Thompson were forced to spend time together at home for the sake of their daughter, True. During the time that they spent with each other, it seems as though they might have reconciled and rekindled their relationship.

Kourtney doesn’t seem impressed, but Kim can’t help but defend Khloe.

“He is the father of her child,” she said. “They spent so much time together at home. It’s totes obvi that they would go down this path in that situation.”

A family-friendly statement worthy of the First Lady!

We also get a glimpse at the replica of the White House that Kim Kardashian is getting built for her daughters Chicago and North in the backyard of their Calabasas home. Following in the shoes of mom, Kris Jenner, the FLOTUS never fails to pamper her family.

The Wests never fail to show up! We don't expect any less in our made our made-up world.

Source: https://people.com/parents/kim-kardashian-kanye-west-christmas-eve-party-kids-family-photo/?amp=tru

‘It’s gonna be my best’

As the episode draws to a close, the family celebrates Kris Jenner’s appointment as the White House Chief of Staff at LA’s TAO. Only close family and friends are invited. The night in laughter, champagne, and dancing.

POTUS also announced the release of an exclusive “Presidential Single” alongside Travis Scott to celebrate his win. When asked about the song, he said, “It’s gonna be my best. Travis’s best. We are giving the country what it wants.”

Before we leave America’s first family, we get a glimpse into next week’s show. With renovations almost complete, West is taking steps towards policymaking. His first plan of action seems to be mending ties with China.

A tweet from the President’s account: a video of West rapping along to his track “Ni**as in Paris”, where he dubs the word ‘Paris’ for ‘China’, has shaken the nation in anticipation of his upcoming plans.

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