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Fiesta for Freshers

How JSJC welcomed the 2020 batch with parties and movies

Karmistha Bhimwal and Manu Kaushal

Jindal School of Journalism and Communication (JSJC) hosted its own five-day event for the freshers. It included sessions such as Know Your Seniors, Netflix Party, Family Feud, Chatting Session, and Jam Night.

The Freshers Fiesta started with the event Know Your Seniors, where the senior batches had to introduce their batchmates to reduce the gap between the JSJC community. Freshers were asked to introduce themselves in a way they would do on a dating platform.

More than 80 students attended the first event.

“We did not have a lot of expectations while planning, but we were pleasantly surprised by the participation from all the batches,” said Harleenn Agarwal, a volunteer from the 2019 batch.

For the second day, the organisers hosted a Netflix Party. Students from all the three batches watched the movie Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis.

“The quirky choice of the stand-up was light and relatable to the audience, allowing the seniors and freshers to bond while having a good laugh,” said Shravani Singh, a student from the 2020 batch.

“I am absolutely in awe of the student council for organising such a thing virtually with least hassle,” said Pragya Roy Barman, a student from the 2020 batch.

Next was the Family Feud, an American game show that was played by ten teams and consisted of four rounds. This was a fun, competitive and light-hearted event. Shardool and Shagun hosted the event. The winner was team “Flaming Flamingos” comprising Kriti Soneja, Tanishaa Vikas Jain, Rimjhim Raina and Guranjan.

On Day 4, the organizers planned a skit night in which they were asked to enact scenes from their favorite movies or TV series. Due to academic commitments, students were unable to take out time for practice. So, the event had to be cancelled for the time being.

Instead, there was an informal chat session between the freshers and seniors. There are plans for rescheduling it.

After a good response to the Buddy Project’s talent night, the team decided to come up with a Jam Night.

The Jam Night being so magical and brimming, I did a dance collaboration with my fellow batchmate Karthiha Kamatchi on ‘Roxanne’,” said Shravani. “Initially, I did not intend to perform, but since the seniors were reaching out and encouraging, I changed my mind.”

“I had thought of this idea when I first became the cultural secretary,” said Shaardhool. “Many people asked me how I would execute this plan when the freshers arrive. While discussing, we came up with an events week which eventually turned out to be Freshers Fiesta. Ten students from the 2018 and 2019 batches volunteered.”

Risheek Mukherjee from 2020 batch, who attended all the events of the Freshers’ Fiesta said, “The overall experience was fabulous, and I liked how our seniors took us into their fold and made us feel comfortable.”