In Conversation with Annie Zaidi

Professor Annie Zaidi of JSJC was recently longlisted for the JCB Prize for her novel, Prelude to a Riot. She spoke to First Draft’s Culture Editors about her novel, communal disharmony and more.

Read about her novel here.

The Current State of the Indian Economy and what lies ahead

Understanding the factors that has lead to the current state of the economy and contemplating what it will take to recover in a post Covid world. Join Himanya Chadha in discussion with Prof. Subhomoy Bhattacharjee and Dr. Pulin Nayak as they go over their understanding of how the Indian economy has developed overtime.

Edited by Purvai Parma Sivam

Discussing the Farm Bill 2020 with Agricultural Economist - H.M.Desarda

Join Uzair Firdausi ​in discussion with renowned economist H M Desarda while they breakdown the little nuances in the Farm Bill passed on the 20th of September

Edited by Purvai Parma Sivam

Art in Online Mode

Join Ishita Dang ​in discussion with Professor Sonam Chaturvedi while they discuss how art has changed during the lockdown.

Edited by Purvai Parma Sivam

Girl Up JGU

Join Aishwarya Seth and Stuti Kohli with the members of Girl Up JGU while they discuss the significance of Girl Up in JGU and how it came into being.

Edited by Stuti Kohli and Aishwarya Seth

Biswamil Interview

Conducted and edited by Purvai Parma Shivam

Image credits: Kshitij Kumbhat

Music: Ritviz Liggi [Instrumental] SWM

Interview with Professor Kajori Sen

Conducted  by Purvai and Aishwarya